Location: Anegada

Today was interesting. It was different because we had the AQ party where it was the perfect setting for a lesson in international dance appreciation. I appreciated it appropriately, with no dance-offs or lunges or warmups or anything. So we woke up to the smell of gloriously perfected pancakes made by our own Miss Bacus who seems to do no wrong. After a slow start, we motored the boat out to Leverick Bay, where we went to fill up on water and alleviate the sheer weight of trash we have that has been slowing us down. After exploring the Pusser’s clothing store, we set sail to Anegada with me behind the helm on a long starboard tack. It took a while to get a hang of not jerking about furiously like a kitten chasing a laser pointer on a wall. Sadly I got too comfortable, and started to steer with my knees and feet while eating goldfish and drinking from a screw top water bottle… long story short, apparently intentional slalom practice wasn’t appropriate, and the autopilot was turned on. Anyway- when we got up to Anegada we found our spot amongst a group of boats that later proceeded to become growing entertainment, as they tried to make rope swings out of several bits of the boat. It worked surprisingly well… anyway we went ashore with the full flotilla where we went on a walk down to the beach to float around for a bit, before Mexican night. Where we ate, I mean we ate. Mike joined us for the meal and then a group activity with postcards that gave us a chance to learn much more about the shipmates, which was cool because it was personal ideas that you wouldn’t know otherwise. We then finished off the night with a show from our youthful staff, including soap, Madonna, and bioluminescence. It was my favorite day by far and the fact that it is only day 7, means things can only get better!