Location: Great Dog

It’s not often we get to do things that are not only new experiences for us, but for most of the staff as well, but that’s precisely what happened today. Upon waking, we ate a quick breakfast of cereal, and after cleanup jumped into Phantom and headed for the Anegada shore. Unlike our usual time at Anegada, however, we didn’t head straight to a nearby beach; instead, we loaded into open air taxis for a short ride to the other side of the island, to a place called Loblolly Bay. Though a flat tire briefly delayed our taxi ride, we still made it in short order, and upon arriving it quickly became apparent that it had been worth the effort to get there. As only a handful of us had ever been there before, we started with a short walking tour of the beach, restaurant, and surrounding area. Once the rest of the boats got there, we ordered lunch ahead of time and then proceeded to organize groups to go snorkeling. The two divemasters from our boat led two of the groups out to some coral heads just off the beach, where we saw all sorts of marine life. This included having the good fortune of seeing a handful of barracuda, which may look scary but are very cool fish. Unfortunately, we also saw two lionfish, which is sad because they are an invasive species that disrupt local ecosystems, and one that authorities are having a very difficult time controlling. After swimming back to the beach for a delicious lunch, we piled back into taxis and returned to our boat for a long sail to the Dogs. I think everyone enjoyed that, as it was an excellent chance to do some relaxing reading (or napping, in some cases) and chill for a while. Dinner was cooked while we were underway, so as soon as we pulled up to a mooring ball, we were ready to eat. After dinner, we all had the chance to take Hibiclens showers, so we end this day content, well fed, and exceedingly clean.