Location: Galapagos Islands

Not everyone can say that they’ve been woken up on a boat surrounded by bright blue waters in the Galapagos Islands. I decided to make the best my awakening by getting ready for the day at a leisurely pace. Emerging from my downstairs cabin, I discovered Michelle and Micaela had stayed behind from the morning excursion and the three of us watched the sun rise as we waited for the others to return.
The others went on a short hike around Seymour Island to see the sun rise and see wildlife like blue footed boobies, lava gulls, frigate birds, land iguanas, sea lions and pelicans.
When we saw the other group members floating on the horizon quickly approaching the boat we knew breakfast was coming soon, fluffy pancakes! After the last pancake was long gone, we started getting ready to say goodbye to the crewmembers and leave the boat for the last time. It was tough saying goodbye to the six people who took such good care of us for the past couple of days but at least we met a friendly sea lion pup that was napping on the dock to cheer us up.
Waving goodbye to the sea lion, we hopped on the bus to head back to Hotel Castro for the next few nights. The bus ride included amazing views and lots of interesting sights to see before arriving at the hotel. With two hours to spare before lunch, we were given some free time to explore the local shops. Christina, Micaela and I discovered multiple pairs of unique pants that each had a special quality, making them the most amazing articles of clothing ever known. Everyone was starving after the adventure so we decided to have lunch at The Galapagos Deli where we ate fantastic pizza, sandwiches, soft chocolate chip cookies and smooth ice cream.
After lunch, we moved on to start our community service project that involved working with Parque Nacional Galapagos, specifically, cleaning bathing pools inside a turtle sanctuary. Although, before we started working on this messy, fun task, we were introduced to a sight usually only VIPs get to see: the turtle nursery! We viewed turtles ranging from different ages and sizes. They were so cute! After we finished our project, we walked down to the beach and played on the lava rocks. In the midst of her exploring, Christina found a glass sprite bottle stuck underneath a rock. Being the good citizen that she is, Christina decided to enlist my help to release, the bottle from its rocky prison in order to throw it in the nearest recycling bin. Walking back from the beach, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the sunset over the treetops and the sound of the waves breaking against the lava rocks. All of us were insanely hungry at this point, so we all decided to scavenge for dinner. We ended up at a block that was streaming with people, restaurants, and amazing smells. Since I was leader of the day, I got to pick the restaurant. However, I could not choose so the entire group agreed on The Blue Footed Booby Restaurant. The food there was incredible and after a long day of traveling, service and exploring, we headed back to the hotel for some well-earned sleep.