Location: Galapagos Islands

Day #17 of the trip started with a breakfast breadbasket that tasted like it was made in the hands of angels. The rest of the day was followed by acts of angels when we went to Centro de Educacion Especial Galapagos (a school for special needs) where we volunteered with and worked and played with the children. First, we worked in the garden and uprooted dead trees and planted new, happy trees. The trees were planted by not only all of the students of our program but also the students of the school, this showed how we are all equal and can work together to make a place happier and healthier. We also cleaned chairs from their shed so they had clean seats for their annual bingo night.
At the end of our workday, the children thanked us with handmade bracelets and custom post cards that were absolutely incredible. After we said goodbye to our new friends, we had an amazing lunch at a local restaurant. Filled with good food, we quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the lobby for our next adventure: swimming in a flooded canyon. To get there, we had to walk to the pier and take a water taxi across the bay, then we walked for 20 minutes. On the way, there we passed salt flats and when we arrived, we saw people jumping off small rocks, swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the natural beauty. Our day came to a perfect finish when we all dressed up for a lovely dinner at the local fish market.