Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

On this 14th day, we all woke up to a delicious meal of good ole’ oatmeal. This morning was difficult for all of us as we had been rained on and had dozed off late. The only event that motivated us was the research dive for the Dolphins and the fish ID dive for the Neptunes. The Dolphins were most looking forward to turtle tagging, but before that, a watersports session was in order. Everybody had so much fun, and before we knew it, the session was over. Lunch was delicious quesadillas that we couldn’t wait to devour. The event that all of the Dolphins had waited for and for an hour the Dolphins, including me, searched for sea turtles… to no avail.

Meanwhile, the Neptunes had enjoyed themselves by having a fun dive. The disappointed Dolphins soon rejoiced when the Neptunes came back from their dive. We then motored to port and started to get dinner ready, Thai peanut chicken with brown rice; I can’t wait! Skipper Sasha is signing off.