Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up at our usual time. We prepared the boat and lifted anchor to leave Muskmelon Bay. We had a nice sail over to our new location, Sommer’s Beach. Once we arrived, all the Neptunes got excited about our fun dive. We got all our gear and rash guards and did our buddy checks then were ready to go. We were off into the water, and the fun began. Our dive was with just our buddies, so no skills were needed to be performed. It consisted of races on the ocean floor without our fins, blowing bubble rings, doing flips, spotting stingrays, and just having fun! After a good 30 minute dive, while the Dolphins worked on their research projects, we came back up to hang. We laid in the sun and talked and of course munched on some snacks. Then lunch was prepared, some nice hot tortilla soup. We chilled for a while until it was beach time! We piled into the dinghy’s and raced to the beach where the BBQ will also take place. We played games then had some time to swim. We headed back to the boat and got ready for our BBQ! Now we are about to see the rest of the fleet for some dinner