Location: Marina Cay

This morning started around seven as we left for Road Town to refuel and refill on water. After leaving GHP, we hung out on the boat and did our usual sailing activities (sleeping, tanning, steering, or leaning over the edge). Eleanor, Genevieve and I hung our feet over the boat and rode along with the waves. At port, many of us got matching Hi-Ho sun shirts. After time at port, we put on our PFDs and left for Trellis. We were on the way to do a cleanup dive after last years hurricane (Irma). The BVIs were particularly affected. Arriving at trellis was a sad sight for those of us who are returners. The devastation there was the worst we had seen. That being said, we were all eager to help. We set up our dive gear and searched for debris. My dive buddy (Ben) and I found roofing materials and lots of wooden products. Eleanor, Sidnei and Gen pulled out a tire that had been housing a small shrimp family. Juston and Phil found an engine and other things as well. It was rewarded to see all of dive-side and some of sail-side come together to give back to a place that has given us so much – it was a taste of Go Beyond!