Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Our day started with Sidnei playing “when will my life begin” from Disney’s Tangled. To wake us up at 6 am. This started a marathon of Disney songs with everyone waking up faster than usual as people were running around, singing along while preparing for the day and grabbing some cereal for breakfast. Right after breakfast, we set up our dive gear to go and run “non-responsive divers underwater” drills with Matt and Dan. We then immediately transitioned into “non-responsive diver at the surface” frills with Dan and Sindei. After the drills were over, we all sat down to have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, Dan and Sidnei demonstrated how to use a pocket mask for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so we could then repeat the surface drill from earlier, but this time using the pocket mask. Once the mask drill was over, we all gathered around as Dan demonstrated how to use the emergency oxygen tanks that are kept on the dive boats, which was followed by our Emergency Oxygen Provider exam. We then hung out for a little bit before showering. Right now, some of us are debating which movie to watch tonight because we’ve finished our theory lectures, while the chefs prepare for dinner.