Location: Marina Cay

This morning we woke up to a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and fruit. Afterward, we slipped the mooring ball and sailed over to Ginger Island. Once at Ginger Island we dove the site called Alice in Wonderland. This was our first dive alone without an instructor, which made it even more exciting. To many people, this dive was one of the best. We saw octopi, lobsters, stingrays, and many beautiful fish. Then we motored over to Marina Cay to fill up on water. After, we headed to Trellis Bay and got much more shore time than any other boat. At Trellis Bay we shopped, had lunch, and bought more snacks for the boat. Then we headed back to Marina Cay where we anchored. Here we saw dolphins, took showers and had dinner. Finally, every boat went to Lifeworks with Mike.