Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up today, saddened by the reality of the last full day on Panasea. We all joined together for a simple breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. After breakfast, many shipmates retreated to their cabins to pack. We then began our short sail to the Indians. It was a beautiful reef with many nooks and crannies with so much amazing life. As all of the divers returned to the boat, we settled down to a quick mix matched lunch of croutons, peanut butter, and jelly. We then began our massive clean up effort on our sail over to West End. We scrubbed every surface on every part of the boat. We finished our cleaning effort in West End around 2. Then we ventured into port for some final grocery store shopping and gift hunting for our loved ones. We then returned to the boat, we cut up the Action Quest flag tonight will be a long one full of laughter, tears, and goodbyes but tomorrow will be another adventure.