Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we got up so early as always. Right now we are rafted together with two other boats. We have been here at Vixen Point since last night. We started off the day with practicing navigation on the beach. Then we played some games. Then we did team building! As a team we had lots of different challenges. And the trust falls were scary! Then we went out sailing on the mini sailboats. Once we got back we had fun on the beach and swimming. All in all it was an awesome day! Now don’t worry I am having a blast with all the people on this boat but I miss you all back home a lot! Love you guys, and yes I miss you too mom! Tonight we’re going on shore for a beach BBQ/party! Wooot! I can’t wait! Plus I’m really hungry. Ok, I only got one last thing to say… living on a boat is hard… Trust me, and I miss home a lot, but all the people I’ve met so far have been so friendly and amazing! It’s only day 7 and I already feel so close to all of them! I know I’ll never forget this! It really has been a trip of a lifetime so thank you to everyone!! I love you all!