Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we ventured a great journey from GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island) with a quick stop at Ginger Island to end at Mountain Point. The weather was quite interesting towards the beginning of the day with waves crashing onto the boat and was so calm when we finally stopped. At Ginger Island we have an amazing dive looking at very interesting coral. At Mountain Point we managed to clean our entire boat in no less than 45 minutes! Everyone was happy with the end result, even Ben, Nick, and Becca! After we “scouted” for half an hour by snorkeling around Mountain Point to become more familiar with what the layout of the sea floor looked like for the night dive we’re about to do. Everyone is super excited. For dinner we had an outstanding meal cooked by our amazing staff! We were later entertained when Ben took Boyd over to Odyssea to say hi to some friends. I can also honestly say that we all feel much stronger as a team.