Location: Sydney - Olympic Park

Today we woke up early and walked all together down to the beach to see the sunrise. After having a good breakfast and getting energy back, we walked through the wonderful botanical gardens where we appreciated different kinds of plants, trees, and birds. We then had a tour inside the Opera House where we found out what it took to build it and how proud Australians are of it. Time was passing fast and when we finished the tour we went to watch a football game in Olympic Park – it was the Sydney Giants vs. Adelaide Crows which are Australian teams. We were devastated that the Giants lost, but we have hope that in the next game they will win. It was getting late when we were getting back to Sydney again for dinner, where we ate some Hare Krishna and then we watched a SCARRRYYYYY movie where we all had our eyes opened and many goosebumps it was called  “The Woman in Black.” It was another great day.