Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

After being woken by the classic and repetitive songs of our morning CD, followed by a simple breakfast of cereal, the day had begun. We sailed out of GHP (Great Harbour, Peter Island) at 7:30 and motored over to the wreck of a 118-year-old passenger ship, the RMS Rhone, which was sunk by an intense hurricane at the end of the 19th century. The Dolphins dove with underwater cameras, working toward their digital underwater photography specialty. The Neptunes took the first step towards their wreck diver specialty while the Rescue divers enjoyed the magnificent and diverse ecosystem that has developed on the remains of the sunken vessel. After returning to our ships and a short ride around the corner of Salt Island, we set down the anchor and went to shore with the rest of the boats. This is the very island that the Queen of England gets her salt from! We hiked to the top of this island where we enjoyed an impressive view. We all returned to our respective boats, ate lunch, and then proceeded to sail back to GHP where we had a recap of dive tables. As it reached dinner time, we took a quick snorkel to examine the area of our upcoming night dive. We ate a delicious dinner of chicken Caesar salad and now sit here getting ready for our night dive.