Location: Gabriel G.

Today was very exciting. We started the day off with practicing our man overboards because we then had to test later in the day. After that, we got to take a 50-question test for our sailing certifications. Then the Sambam fam scuba dived and swam through an 19th century steam boat that sunk during a hurricane. The boat broke in half so we could only see the back part of the boat. We swam in a tunnel where the propeller used to be. After we finished scuba diving, the wreck we hiked the island where the steamboat hit and sunk. The hike was easy, unlike the one on day 15. During the hike, we passed a salt pond and we were walking on a layer of salt and found huge salt rocks. At the very end of dive hike, we visited the gravesite where the people who died from the steam boat crash. We then ended the day with breakfast for dinner.