Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today, we woke up a little late and enjoyed some scrambled eggs and cereal. The skipper AKA me went to a meeting to get briefed on what the race entailed. Then I returned and told everybody what the deal was. After that, we set sail in the race heading for West End on a single tack, scoring 3rd place overall. The wind was supreme, and we were heeled over at almost 40 degrees. When we got to town, everybody split up to eat lunch and stock up on snacks. After that, we got ready for the second, more significant race, which involved multiple tacks. The water was super choppy, and we dipped a rail. We ended up retaking 3rd place. For dinner, we had Mexican night again, which was burritos and a bean casserole, which was delicious. Candler and Kylie had to spend about an hour scrubbing the pots though. Overall, today was a good day.