Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

The day started around 7:30 today, with an awesome jam sesh thanks to moi! Breakfast was then made by Charter and Sara which consisted of an array of oatmeal and oranges. After stuffing our faces with yummy goodness, PFD’s were put on, and the Panasea Pandas were off! Our destination was Brewer’s Bay. The trip was about a 45-minute sail. Thankfully I didn’t get seasick! Once we were in the bay the Deptunes (Dolphins and Neptunes) and my fellow Rescues put on our scuba gear together. The Deptunes left for their naturalist dive where they looked for symbiotic relationships between marine life. While the Deptunes were gone, the Rescuers worked on a search and recovery activity. My dive partner, Jean, and I completed it in no time, with only one mistake.

When everyone was back on one boat a lunch of chicken salad was whipped up. It was a bit rainy out so we made a little fort around the cockpit to block out all the rain. Lunch was quickly cleaned up and the Deptunes and Rescuers were off again on more dives. The sun was out and shinning after our dives and almost everyone was laying on the trampoline soaking up the rays like little lizards. In the late afternoon, we motored to Cane Garden Bay where we fueled up and anchored for the night. For dinner, Mike stopped by, so everyone was on their best behavior! When the Thai chicken dinner was settled in our tummies, everyone played a little card game which I really enjoyed. Now everyone is relaxing and getting ready for the super “fun” hike tomorrow. Ps-I can’t wait for my cheeseburger in paradise tomorrow!