Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

On this day of the holiest of all holy races, I was thy skipper, and I showed us a victory. Here’s how it went down: at the beginning of the day we woke up at Sandy Spit and set sail for West End where we started. On the way, most of the shipmates took the ICC practical exam, which consisted of becoming a seaman of the sea. After our practicals, we arrived at West End and had a delicious meal in town. After we finished eating I was pulled aside for my skipper’s meeting to prepare for the race. After the briefing, we set sail on our journey to Peter Island. By the skin of our teeth we finished in the top 5, and even hit 7.5 knots! After that, we had a boat appreciation day and cleaned up our boat. Then we made a great Mexican feast and finished our day with a wonderful sail chat. It was a great day!