Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we didn’t do much, and it was more of a day to reinforce our practical boating skills and to relax. We woke up tired after a long night of partying to the music of a reggae band. The chefs and I woke earlier than the others to prepare pancakes for the rest of the crew. After eating we left our dock to go farther off to a mooring. At this mooring, we practiced our knots. Due to the wind, we were unable to sail even with our reefing lines pulled in. We then left our mooring to make our way to Sandy Spit. After arriving, we had a “boat appreciation” session in which we cleaned the boat to perfection. As we finished, a few of the crew decided to go to the beach. We made our way over in a dinghy driven by Elliot from Knot Guilty, and we were soon amongst the rest of its crew on the tiny island in front of which we had anchored. After messing around, Eli brought us back to the Prosecutor. Being a little late, Jordan and I quickly showered and prepared ourselves for dinner. Mike came to chat with us and participate with us in an activity involving black and white postcards. After the activity, we cleaned and prepared ourselves for an evening with all of sail side at Lifeworks. We each set 6 goals, three tangible, three intangible to accomplish. After Lifeworks Mike brought us back to our boat, and we ate chocolate cake, we celebrated Melissa’s birthday. We are sitting in the salon, talking amongst ourselves. I must say, this day was mad chill.