Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

A new day dawned in the British Virgin Islands with the sun rising over the watery horizon, a promise of new adventures and action came. After the sleep was washed from our eyes, we were immediately set in motion with our normal routine. However this day was unique, the staff left for a meeting and left the ship to the shipmates. French toast was the breakfast today, and it took a while to cook on our small propane stove, but it was delicious. After our anchor was pulled up by hand with some elbow grease and effort, we were ready to sail. That is of course after our “drive by.” A boat had played a prank on us previously, and we had to get even. As we pulled the boat around in a move that would make John Paul Jones proud, Jake and Nick fired away eggs that landed right on their deck. We motored away to the Dogs where we made our second open water dive. It was amazing. We saw so many species of coral and fish. It’s amazing to think about the underwater universe we humans know so little about. After getting out of the water, we were greeted with hungry stomachs and an undeniable urge to catch a seagull. Only one of those urges was satisfied, in spite of a valiant effort by Andres to jump on one of the birds. What a sight to see. Another motor was ahead of us after we cleaned up from lunch. This time though with our jib out to give the motor a little extra boost. When we arrived at Muskmelon Bay, it was everyone’s favorite time of the day… shower time. As a group, we’ve decided we’re going to miss our salt water showers and the rocking of the boat while going to sleep. We’re all going to need a hammock.