Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today is called the longest day ever because of all the events we do today. First, we all woke up and got ready to do the 7-mile hike on Tortola. The views were amazing and the banana smoothie at the top was very rewarding. It was a challenge but everyone felt great by the time it was over. After everyone came down many people had a pretty big cheeseburger on the beach. That also was very rewarding. After we got back on board our boat, we set sail for sandy cay to have a sand castle competition. We wrote in the sand BVI Strong with a heart to show our support of the islands after Irma. After everyone built their different sand creations, we played in the water with the other boats before heading back to our boat to take ocean showers before heading to our BBQ tonight at Sydney we all got dressed as we set sail towards Sydney’s peace and love. We all took our pics and then rushed to the buffet to get food. There was so much food and the music and dancing was so fun. My friends and I even got our hair braided. After the massive amount of food and all the dancing we all were very tired. But we’re all still preparing to be certified rescue divers in a few days! Wish us luck!