Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

This morning we woke up in summers bay after a rainy barbecue and immediately left for brewers bay. We had our breakfast, oatmeal underway. After breakfast, we changed into our swimsuits. Some people went and hung out on the hardtop for the remainder of the trip to brewers. Me and Ben C got some of our summer reading done and had a nice chat. As soon as we reached brewers bay, we set up our dive gear and had our dive briefing. Today we did our second navigation dive, and some of us finished our fourth search and recovery dive. The dives were done on rotation groups with Dan at the bottom for the entire 147 minutes. After I came up from the dive, I helped Evan make chicken quesadillas. We ate lunch and proceeded with ur first cleanup of the day. After lunch 11 of 13 set up our dive gear and hopped into sumo our super dinghy with Matt who drove us to shark point, a dive site on the other side of the bay and dropped us off. After Matt went back to get the five others, we all descended sadly we could not find the swim through, but the dive was still amazing. I saw a lobster, gray angelfish and a tonne of parrotfish. We were picked up by Alex from entertainer and shuttled back to our boat. After we disassembled our gear, we were immediately headed for cane garden bay, but not before we pumped tanks. At cane garden bay we docked and filled up on water and fuel and moored close to shore. After we moored, Matt told us that mike the director of ActionQuest was coming for dinner. With that news, everyone pitched in to clean the deck and salon while Justin Phil and Evan made dinner. Dinner tonight was chicken with Thai peanut sauce and rice. It was delicious and lots of fun hanging out with mike. After dinner, we squeezed and did mikes card game. everyone had to blindly pick 2 cards and come up with what the cards represented about ourselves, good and bad. Then we had to pick a 3rd card and say how it represented a goal in the future. Now we are all taking hibicleanse showers and doing the cleanup. After that is done, we are going to do our secondary care for our EFR course and go to bed. Tomorrow is hike day and Sydney’s BBQ… I can’t wait.