Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today started out with plain and Oreo pancakes, which we ate while the staff had a meeting. At about 11 am, we left Marina Cay for a two-hour sail to Mountain Point, which is one of the best reef dives in the British Virgin Islands. What I didn’t know was that about one hundred feet away from the reef was a World War II ship. The ship was intentionally sunk this March and after it was sunk, a local BVI sculptor made a giant metal Kraken that covered almost the entire ship. It was one of the coolest dives I have ever done and I doubt that I will ever see anything as unique on a dive ever again. After we finished the dive and put our gear away, we motored over to Muskmelon Bay and on the way over we took freshwater showers. Once we got to Muskmelon Bay, we finished off the day with a chill and nice dinner and one of the final Rescue diver knowledge reviews. I am really looking forward to our second beach BBQ tomorrow.