Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our first whole day as a boat. We had an early start, up and ready for breakfast by 6:37! We had a rad cereal combo/fruit to start off our day. Then we headed over to a safety meeting at 8. Sleepy, we walked back to the boat and prepared to sail off for the first time. It was so awesome! Once out of the cove Jake joined us for the rest of our long sail to The Caves. We tied up and hopped into the water for the swim test. We all passed! After that, we crowded on deck for deli sandwiches and some sweet lemonade. We had a good time playing cards and hanging out while waiting for our turn for snorkeling. It was really nice to have some downtime and really good to get to talk and meet each other. This is going to be a super fun trip and our group is amazing! We have a chill vibe but are still super excited to try new things. A few cool off dips and saltwater taffies later Simon came to pick us up in his dinghy to prep for a snorkelathon. The water is sooo clear and we saw so much cool stuff, like a squid squad, huge sea urchins, and lots of big colorful fish. When the deed was done we took our first sea showers and started to make a sloppy joe dinner. I’m so excited to start our diving education tomorrow and keep on with our group.