Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we slept in a little (and by that I mean we woke up at 6:45). Bright and early we raised the anchors and had breakfast underway. I drove us past Dead Chest island to Salt Island while Craig briefed everyone on the story of the shipwreck we were on our way to see. I was proud that Jake, the navigator, and I were able to figure out which island we were going to using the chart and not by asking Craig or Tor. Once we arrived and anchored we were able to have a quick nap before our dive to the shipwreck of the Rhone. Our really fun dive instructor Tor taped us talking about the dive. After the dive and lunch the Vegas had a quick review sesh before our sailing exam. We all did really well, most of us got a 100% and I got a 98. Craig led us on a hike to the top of the hill on Salt Island with a crazy nice view. We swam around while Cam, Kevin, Zach, and Sophia tried to teach Dan and Dani how to backflip. I eventually drove us back to Peter Island, where we showered and swam around while Katie and Arden prepared thanksgiving dinner. Dan was seriously jumping this time for about 20 minutes while Craig and everyone cheered him on to attempt a backflip. During our squeeze convo brought over a letter for Cam. It was so cute. At the culmination of dinner Dan and Cam broke into a hilarious “manliest man” competition, where they had to eat more food than the other person. After many rounds it all came down to the “cinnamon challenge,” where each contestant has to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without spitting it out or throwing up. They both won! The Carinas are on their way to take their final test and the Vegas have the night free to hang out. Tor Tor and Craig are making brownies for once they ace their test!