Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After falling asleep at around 3 in the morning, I had the pleasure of getting up first to wake up the chefs, and then getting back up 20 minutes later to wake up the rest of the crew, before promptly falling back asleep. After sailing around for 40 minutes we arrived right outside of Salt Island. After letting down our anchor we went on a hike for the next hour and half, admiring the beautiful landscape which had unfolded into long, tall cliffs with the spray of the waves cracking into the walls with it’s own methodic pace. Upon our return to the boats we ate our lunch while being visited by a friendly barracuda, which we fed and even swam with. By the time we finished our lunch we were rushed into a dinghy so we could explore the shipwreck of the Rhone, which is the ruins of an old British mail ship. Later that day we finally got to our sailing exams and our sailing practical assessment, in which we had the basic maneuvers and basic terms of different sail parts.