Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

This morning the shipmates were woken up with music at the early hour of 5:45 am. This was because we were expected to be up and ready before 7 am. The reason for this is that we were about to endure a long, vertical, and tiring hike. The first 20 minutes seemed to feel like hours as the whole road went straight up, and pushed every student to their limit. On the way up we had the experience to meet people from different boats, and see breathtaking views of the bay. A new record was set by one of the staff, who managed to do the hike of over 3 miles in 38 minutes. For us slightly more normal people, we managed to reach the highest peak of the mountain in just over an hour and a bit. After another round of descending the mountain, our day didn’t end there. We had an amazing and well-deserved burger, and rest on the white sand beach. We were then taken back to our boats, and we were straight away motoring to the next island. This small island was the most beautiful I’ve seen so far, the crystal blue sea and white sand beach were insane. There each boat battled it out in a sand castle competition. Our boat made a sand man, in a dinghy, with a scuba diver pulling a kneeboarder. Sadly, we didn’t win. Tonight is an exciting night as we are about to go and listen to a reggae band with dancing and food. Although the day has been extremely tiring, the whole boat was excited about this event.