Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a very fun but sad day. It started with us waking up bright and early in GHP. We motored over to the parks ball to go diving, but only 8 of us went diving due to ear infections and things. It is okay though because it was just a fun dive and everyone who was feeling bad is feeling 100% better now! Anyway, after our dive we relaxed and pumped tanks before sailing to Road Town. We all got a good amount of shore time then got back onto our boats to RAC dive side to Norman Island. We started in 1st place but ended up in 3rd place out of the four dive side boats. We all had fun, so it’s all good! After the race, we all ended up at the Bight which is an anchorage on Norman Island. Shortly after arriving, our staff left for a meeting which left dinner up to us. It turned out amazing, and we all had a great time making and eating broccoli cheddar pasta. After that, our staff returned so we cleaned up and then had our after-dinner squeeze. We are all writing cards to each other now, so I have to go, but for those who don’t know, we write a card to everyone on our boat that contains funny memories and nice thoughts.