Location: West End, Tortola

To begin this beautiful day, everyone ate some cereal and got ready for our last dive of the trip. The dive site was called the Indians, and it was so beautiful. Some people couldn’t dive so. Instead, they started to clean the boat, and two others went snorkeling. When everyone got up from the dive, Oscar, Davis, and Alisa briefed us on what needed to happen which was a deep clean of the boat. On our motor back to West End we packed our bags, cleaned our cabins and heads, the salon, and outside of the boat. After we finished cleaning, we had shore time for lunch and to shop around. When we got back to the boat, we put on our bathing suits and took deck showers. After we changed into our evening clothes, we had a BBQ with the entire AQ fleet at West End. I’m so sad to leave, and I will miss everyone so much!