Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Our day pretty much started at 5:30 when it began to rain and everyone ran for cover. After the nice cool off from the shower, we all stayed under cover until 7 when we quickly threw on our swimsuits, grabbed some oatmeal and headed towards the Baths. Once at the Baths we jumped off rocks, went into a cave and just explored. Almost everyone came out with a few scratches but it was so worth it! The Baths were amazing, and we were all sad when we had to head back to the dinghy. Once on the boat everyone headed to Spanish Town where we all got to get on dry land. In Spanish Town we picked up a few items at the grocery store after lunch. We all called home then got back on the boat to go to Mountain Point. On our way Nick G. put on a speedo while we were sailing! Card games went on during the sail and we managed to hit 8.4 knots. We jammed to Zack’s iPod and anchored at Mountain Point for the night. We all then grabbed our snorkels and surveyed for the night dive tonight. While snorkeling we free dove into an area surrounded by rocks and it was so much fun. We saw an octopus and tons of fish. Some people got a few small stings from tiny jellyfish and Daniel even got an unfortunate sting on his backside! Once we all saw the jellyfish we got back on the boat. Right now the chefs, Daniel and Miela with the help of Zach are cooking tomato stroganoff and after supper we will set up our gear and head out for our first night dive! All in all, it has been a great day.