Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We awoke to the smell of freshly cooked cookie-brownies coming from the stove below. After a night of dancing and partying at the BBQ, followed by a deep sleep, the “brownookies” were exactly what we needed to begin our day. Our surprise breakfast treat was followed by a very informative and interesting dive chat, where we learned about the very important role of the dive chart, a tedious but vital part of diving. After completing our quizzes we docked our boat in the small town of Leverick Bay. It was here where we were able to call our families and friends and eat food. The town of Leverick Bay was fun, but it was not long until we lifted our sails and continued onward to our next destination. We each took turns at the helm steering through choppy blue waves, jibing, and tacking. While the helmsman directed our course, the rest of us showed off our “guns,” pulling in sheets and lines and listening to music. Halfway through our journey Heather was taken away on a dinghy so that she could complete a makeup dive. She was returned to us just as we dropped anchor for the night. It was perfect timing because just as she arrived a massive “cuda” swam under our boat. Diner, as usual, was incredible: burritos. But it was the cleanup that was eventful. A water fight broke out between Chrissy and AJ, and soon Rayyan was caught up in it as well. Within moments everyone was drenched in soapy water. The commotion came to an end however as we noticed the five massive barracudas swimming around our boat. We were told by Shona that this was due to the bits of food in the water and the boat lights, but we insisted that the “cudas” were drawn towards our muscle and just wanted to join the “bro session.” I could not imagine a more “cuda” filled day. Now, as our day comes to an end, we are cuddling up to watch a good movie. I hope you enjoyed a day with a skipper’s eyes. date: Aug 5, 2017