Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today I woke up to the most wonderful sunrise ever. Then everyone went small boat sailing. The first two groups were Jesse and I on one Zest and Frances and Dianna on another Zest. After that Jesse and Frances got off the Zests and Dianna and I sailed on our own. Just before I got back to the boat I fully capsized my Zest! Luckily I was able to un-capsize it without help and return it to the boat. After that we all sailed and practiced tacks and jibes. Once we finished we had tuna sandwiches for lunch. Then we sailed even more and practiced man overboard drills. After that we anchored at a spot where we went to the beach for a BBQ. After the BBQ we went back to the boat and watched a movie. Today had to be one of the best days, I hope tomorrow is even better!