Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

This morning we woke up bright and early to begin the oh-so-joyous hike up Mount Sage. After a breakfast of cereal that was very tasty, we headed down to the dock. After quickly going over the rules we began the 3 miles hike up Mount Sage. The “Grand Cru-ers” averaged a very respectable 2-2.8 mile per hour and remained at the front of the pack. Some of our crew members even made up in under an hour! After the hike was over, we ate in Cane Garden Bay at multiple restaurants across the beach. We finished eating so much food that we almost ended up feeling sick. Then we pulled up our hooks (which I did with some help from Matty) and started sailing to Sandy Cay. When we made it to Sandy Cay, we started the sand castle building contest. We decided to make an actual sand castle. It was pretty cool and had a moat. Then we motored over to Sydney’s Peace, and Love (arriving first of course) then dropped hooks and got ready to go to a BBQ.