Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started with the sound of music and rushing wind as we headed to our first of two dives for the day. Normally, I dive with a super cool girl named Marina (honestly everyone on this boat is awesome!), but today things were switched up, and I was paired with a guy named Nathan who’s working towards his Dive Master certification, and I had a blast! He brought his wicked underwater camera with him, and it made it such an amazing dive with everyone! Being from the desert, I don’t get to see marine life all that much, and with every new species of fish, ray, shark, and slug I am constantly in a state of awe! I saw an eel and a trumpet fish and tons of other creatures on our two dives today. The staff and other shipmates on my boat are so much fun! I lucked in, and I can’t wait for tomorrow! Yay for the Caribbean and Action Quest!