Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was my first day as skipper. I didn’t really like waking everyone up, but knowing that everyone had their first dive they didn’t really fight it. Then Andrew and Stephanie cooked some eggs for breakfast. After cleaning the deck we headed off to the beach where Vegas got to go diving while the Carinas learned to windsurf and sail the Picos. Then we swapped and the Carinas went diving and the Vegas went sailing. After the dive we headed back to the boat for lunch, which was PB+J. After that the Vegas headed back to the beach while the Carinas were waiting to ski. Then we learned how to drive the dinghies. Then we got back to the boat Lorenzo made an amazing Italian dinner that we all gulped down. Well all in all I’m having an amazing time in the BVI. So this is my blog, hope it makes you jealous haha.