Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Destination: Savanna Bay: 270 degrees for 2.4 nm, tack 40 degreess for 7 nm, tack 177 degrees for 4 nm, tack 26 degrees for 8.4 nm, tack 121 degrees for 3 nm. Today definitely was a good start for the next 3 weeks. Waking up early to a beautiful island and getting to go scuba diving bright and early at White Bay, Peter Island. There weren’t too many animals there but we did see a sea turtle! After that we got straight to sailing to Blonde Rock and I got to skipper. We got to talk about my “natural sailing skills” even though I’d been sailing for 9 years (Matty was kinda peeved I didn’t tell him earlier!). Blonde Rock was awesome and super clear waters made it a great dive! Finally sailing all the way to Virgin Gorda while all of us talk. Overall today was a great day.