Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today, our second to last day, was busy! Beginning our day with the morning playlist, followed by a dive for the Barracudas and snorkeling and watersports for the Carinas and Vegas. Soon after a quick rinse we headed to Road Town via our boat then a dinghy. We all enjoyed a good lunch and shopping at a grocery store. Later we had a beautiful sail from Road Town all the way to Norman Island. We all enjoyed listening to music and relaxing as we sailed. Once arriving a boat by the name of Deliverance sold us ice cold sodas. Chugging our sodas we all then took Hibiclens showers. Due to it being near the end of the program we began to clean and pack. A dinner of rice and beans followed. A beautiful sunset began after our dinner! I’d say today was pretty fun! date:Aug 13, 2017