Location: West End, Tortola

Today was the last full day of our trip, which means it was time to pack up and clean the boat. We started the day around 7 am with oatmeal for breakfast, then proceeded to prepare for the final sailing race. Everyone made a team effort to lift the mainsail and then get the jib out. We sailed from Norman Island to the channel markers in front of Road Town and then to Peter Island. After the race, it was time to clean the boat. I cleaned the head as the rest of my cabinmates cleaned the cabin. As we were cleaning we motored over to West End to drop off the ActionQuest gear and give Sailing Curls a nice spray down. Once we arrived at the dock we had a nice pizza party on the boat. Let’s just say it was nice to have some pizza after going about three weeks without it. We then had some shore time which was followed by a BBQ at Pusser’s. Towards the end of the day, everyone started to realize that it would soon be time to say goodbye. Throughout the trip, everyone made so many new bonds and memories and it seems crazy that we will all be on a plane ride home in a few hours. We shared moments together just simply getting to know each other, or moments when Ian officially got his nickname. And the time Eric almost fell off the boat while setting up hammocks and Gwen opened up a hatch to tell us all to be quieter. Good times. Now that the trip is coming to a close, I can look back and appreciate all the memories that we’ve made and all the new friends I have. So the last day was a good one, especially since we had an opportunity to give back to Sailing Curls by cleaning the boat together. I’d say the trip was a major success. date: Aug 14, 2017