Location: West End, Tortola

As our 21 day adventure comes to an end, our Blue Tide team must say goodbye. Before we part ways we’d like to reflect on the adventures we’ve had in sailing, scuba diving, and becoming a crew. In the beginning when we were just becoming familiar with each other Julia broke the ice with her dance moves and positive upbeat attitude. Izzy has been showing us all up with her expert knot tying abilities. During our first few dives with our three advanced divers we practiced peak performance buoyancy, Clay showed off his scuba skills with multiple flips through the underwater hula hoops with ease. Ashton has been our resident fish identification expert both above and below the water. While on the sail side of things Bean has gotten comfortable leading the boat from the helm on both Blue Tide and our 88 foot schooner Ocean Star. Jolie has kept us all entertained with her creative questions and fun conversation. Ryann has impressed us all by stepping up to be our team motivator and get everyone on task. Eamon showed everyone his waterskiing talents by slalom skiing like a pro. On race day, Hanna led us to a powerful victory with her inspirational brief. Caroline has been keeping us all happy with her caring and fun-loving attitude. Georgia rocked the sailing drills during the sail practical with a handsome man overboard drill. Aliza has been the team glue by making sure everyone is having fun. As we near the end of our trip, we hope that our Blue Tide team will see each other and remember the good times we had on the beautiful blue Caribbean sea.