Location: West End, Tortola

We’ve had an amazing trip with ten incredible shipmates over the last three weeks. From the first day of snorkeling, our Vega girls Fressa, Olivia, and Miranda fell in love with the ocean. They’ve gone from strength to strength, grasping both sailing and diving with impressive speed! Fressa’s love for everything aquatic has shone through – she overcame some hurdles early on in the diving with brilliant resilience, and is now a super diver! Spotting stingrays and sharks on our dives were a highlight for her, and we can’t wait for her to explore below the waves more in Hawaii! Boat life isn’t always for everyone, but Miranda has settled into life on board with enviable ease! Whether it’s soaking up the sun while sailing on the deck or whipping up something scrumptious in the galley, she’s been loving her time in the BVI. Our boat has visited some beautiful places on this trip, both above and below the water. Everyone loved the hike on Tortola, as well as swinging from the boom into the crystal clear water at Muskmelon Bay. We’ve been lucky to explore some amazing dive sites too – Olivia, in particular, loved the dive at The Playgrounds, where we were stoked to see a huge black tip reef shark circling. Olivia has delighted us all with her beautiful sense of humor and wonder for everything around her – we’ve all been infected with her love for cloud watching! Alongside the Vega program, we have had a busy Divemaster schedule on board too, with seven excited divemasters in training. Taking their first steps into the professional diving industry are Luka, Jenna, Jack, Hannah, Sydnei, Tanner and Whit. They’ve grown so much over the 21 days and now have the confidence and experience to be the leaders that can inspire. They’ve done everything from leading snorkeling tours through beautiful mangroves, fun diving a sunken shipwreck, completing rescue scenarios, driving dinghies, and refining their teaching styles with dive briefs and skills underwater. All the time is living on a beautiful 50ft sailboat, receiving all the other boats and creating an amazing atmosphere on board. What an awesome journey it’s been. Here’s to creating more bubbles together underwater and many more memories along the way.