Location: West End, Tortola

After receiving endless complaints of the constant robotic and scripted blogs, I will try to switch things up. This last day was hectic and exhausting. We were supposed to participate in the final race of the session, but rather our entire crew boarded other boats in the middle of the night and snuck into their sail bags. The hope in this endeavor was to stay aboard the other boats and sabotage them during the race, giving our skipper a chance to win. We couldn’t quite make that happen. After the race was over, we cleaned and cleaned. It wasn’t exactly fun, and some of us even became seasick, but our skipper led us through it and explained, “We need to clean, respect, and love this boat after it has kept us afloat for the last three weeks.” Finally arriving back to West End, where this all began, we showered and went to the last BBQ closing out the trip. It was an experience. Tropical Oasis over and out.