Location: West End, Tortola

As the vessel Surprise gently dances above the cool blue waves of the Caribbean, 14 students have wrapped up their first professional diving certification. It is quite a humbling experience as an instructor and staff member to see the transformation in each of them. Jeff and Dylan were the only new shipmates on board our boat and yet you couldn’t even tell by how easily they took on different vessel responsibilities. We could always expect Hugh to be on turtle watch”, while JJ would educate us on all the different kinds of ice cream (shout out to the J- Chillen Ice Cream truck). Griffin kept the music bumping while Connor kept the Disney throwback tunes flowing. Jared could always keep conversations interesting with depictions of his strange feelings towards Cephalopods. Jimmy always had his hands full, working like this was his job. You can always find Jordan and Jules to manage tank runs, while Caleigh and Hannah managed student divers on deck. Kelly always entertained us with her mermaid tail, while Emily kept us laughing with her infectious smile and laugh. We thank you for an amazing adventure. Surprise standing by, seven-two.