Location: West End, Tortola

Today is our last day onboard Surprise! It was a little sad waking up to that thought, but Cha Cha woke us up to our national anthem since today is Independence Day. We got cereal ready for breakfast and ate while Simon attended a skipper’s meeting. Once we returned and when we were done cleaning breakfast, we headed to the Indians to do one last final dive. When we splashed, JJ found a Frisbee that we threw underwater. Girls and guys went separate ways and the girls had a fun die to say the least. Jules even found an exoskeleton of a lobster, which was cool. Since today is the biggest boat BA day in the session, we all got started with cleanup as soon as we were back onboard. Emily and Hannah took over a full deckie job and Jordan scrubbed our heads. Today is very much meant for teamwork. We just barely docked and were almost done with cleanup. When we were done we’re gonna grab a quick lunch and enjoy our last afternoon together. Tonight we have a BBQ and our last dock chat with Mike. It’s so crazy to think an entire session has passed. We have all grown so close as a family and I know I’ll miss everyone on this boat. I’m so proud of all we have accomplished together. I’ll be cherishing all these last moments together. Thank you Surprise for the happiest memories.