Location: West End, Tortola

We’re here in West End about to wrap up another session of AQ. This morning we raced up around the green channel marker of Road Town Harbor, and across to the finish at Peter Island, the whole crew working together to put in a good showing. Last night was card’s night, where the crew wrote positive compliments and notes to their fellow crew members. I was excited to see the students so enthusiastically writing to one another. It has been a joy to see them grow over the session. Francesca and Annabel have stepped up to lead the crew in these past few days, and it has been a great help. Arie is a great helmsman and did a great job while racing today. Sofia, Ariella, and Katie are excited to have a squeaky clean cabin following the big boat appreciation we did following the race. Ethan, James, and Sam are the first ones to jump in the water, whether for a swim or to chase a dish that has gone overboard. Jackson was our skipper of the day and stepped up to act as our boat’s representative during the skipper’s meeting on Charming Elise before today’s race. Elias and AJ did a great job cleaning today, putting their heads down and scrubbing the deck in order to give themselves the most time possible ashore in West End. None of us were allowed on shore until a staff member from another boat came by to inspect the cleanliness of our boat, and we put in a lot of hard work to ensure that we were done before we got to the dock. All in all, this session has been a great one, filled with exciting adventures and stories to share back home!