Location: West End, Tortola

It’s the end of the summer and AQ’s boats are back at the docks in West End. In only a few days time, all of the boats and staff will be gone as well. However, all of the students have left the docks today, the whole reason why the staff and boats are here in the first place! Salsa had a blast with their students during session three. The shipmates quickly caught on to life aboard and by the last few days barely needed any assistance from the staff. With Smudge and Claire leading sail chats and sail training and Charlotte leading dive chats and dives, the Salsa shipmates quickly became avid sailors and divers! We could always count on Max to tell a good joke and to tell where the wind was coming from. Kara and Ginger were always there to sheet in the jib on our tacks and jibes, as well as bring in the main sheet when we changed our point of sail. Emma and Kaylee did a great job at raising the halyard quickly and with ease, even though sometimes the lazyjacks got in the way! Our anchor team was almost always headed by McKenna and Mia, who were also our telltale spotters. When anchored, we knew we could get Ben to do a backflip during shower time. Dylan and Sophie have made some excellent meals down in the galley — most noted, Dylan’s sautéed onions and peppers for our “breakfast dinner” and Sophie made some great taco meat during Mexican night. Jess was great at corralling the group and getting everyone to get the cleanup jobs done after meal time! Overall, it was a great two and a half weeks and being with last sessions shipmates on Salsa was a great way for the summer to go out. We will miss everyone and hope to see everyone next summer!