Location: West End, Tortola

We have been so lucky this session to be blessed with the most caring and compassionate shipmates we think AQ has ever seen. Nicknamed the “Love Boat” from early on, we’ve lived up to our name from the amount of love that is evident between everyone on board. Whether it’s been through our squeeze questions, supporting each other through learning new skills or silently channeling love through our dawn meditations, this boat has flourished with empathy and compassion. Rachel and Benny have absolutely smashed their Divemaster course – showing everyone their superb diving skills and even better leadership and teamwork skills. As returning students, this year has been especially meaningful for them. Benny was proud to say that becoming a Divemaster was one of the goals he made during a Lifeworks Forum in his first year here, so achieving that was a huge milestone for him. The Vegas onboard had their eyes opened to the underwater world this session – Darbee, in particular, was over the moon to see turtles and dolphins in the wild for the first time. Jessona and Elena had a blast learning to dive with instructor Jay, even taking him on a tour on their last dive. Eddie, Jon, and Johnny have also thoroughly enjoyed exploring under the ocean, with their dive on the RMS Rhone being a highlight for them all. Zoe, doing her advanced diving qualification, spent more time on the younger boats and even ended up being called ‘Mom’ by those on board. She’s flourished with her new diving skills and the responsibility it’s brought. Everyone has thrown themselves into sailing too – Johnny has been impressing everyone with his lightning-quick grasp of all the knots, even inventing his own knot (super useful for long lining dinghies) called the Lindbergh. Despite all the new skills learned and the experiences shared, it’s been the people on board this boat that has made this session so memorable for everyone. To have a group that’s been so loving, caring and inclusive has been a real pleasure to be part of. You guys well and truly are the Love Boat, and we love you for it.