Location: West End, Tortola

As our final session comes to a close aboard Changes in Latitude, we find ourselves looking back fondly on the past 17 days. We started our trip in the beautiful British Virgin Islands in West End, later sailing our way through Norman, Peter, Ginger, Salt, Cooper, and Virgin Gorda. From our first day where we learned the points of sail, our sailing skills have greatly progressed to our final race day, where we sailed into Normal Island in the first place! Meaghan’s birthday was one of the highlights of the trip as she helped skipper our winning race day and had a successful turtle tagging mission with Georgia and Gabe! The Dolphin’s worked hard at their marine biology projects and Meaghan, Gabe and Georgia finished off their trip with a stellar presentation on the rate of herbivory for Y branch algae. They also happened to receive the best grade of the entire summer on their project! The Neptune’s were hard at work getting their advanced certifications along with their Night, Wreck, Boat, Equipment and Underwater Naturalist specialties. Wyatt went on his last Night dive with Tim to complete a legendary prank of putting hot dogs in the anchor chain of Slow-Mo. Will was the step in captain on board, always ready and eager to take the helm and sail us to our next destination with enthusiasm and skill. AJ and Alex formed the ZAN team as dive buddies and did an absolutely amazing job leading their own dives as newly certified advanced divers. Lorianne was a delight to have on board with her obsession for grapefruits and subtle sense of humor that could make anyone laugh or smile. Brooke enjoyed every part of this trip from start to finish, including getting her brand new retainer! She always kept a positive outlook and was an endless source of giggles with her funny questions and jokes. Quade showed his true talents of lip-syncing on board this trip while also forming an amazingly responsible and talented dive buddy team with Arden. Arden showed true leadership and skill through navigation underwater and we could always count on her for a funny spin on challenging situations. Zev brought the whole group together with his hidden talent of identifying what fruit, animal or sea creature every person was. This showed his deeply rooted care and understanding for the people he loves. Ben still holds the record for the most Pringles consumed by a single human being in a day, truly astounding and amazing us all. His pringle addiction fueled his energetic personality and constant helping hand. We will truly miss our family aboard Changes and will look back on this session with love and care. 17 claps today!

Tim, Hannah & Maddy