Location: West End, Tortola

As our amazing 21 day adventure comes to an end, our Bella Vita team must say goodbye. Before we part ways, we’d like to reflect on the adventures we’ve had in sailing, night watches, hiking, land exploration, scuba diving, and becoming a crew. In the beginning when we were just becoming familiar with each other Mo broke the ice with his ability to make anyone laugh. On our first passage Blake showed off his unbelievable skills of not getting seasick and being able to do the crucial hour boat checks. Underway Jack would bring smiles to the others with his dancing abilities while helming. Once arriving to any island after a passage Farah loved to show off and teach her anchoring skills to all the other crew. Meanwhile Aiden would show off his muscles by leading the dingy motor going from the back of the boat to the dingy. Hannah had awesome enthusiasm for all our cool on location dives from wrecks to reefs! Max has impressed us all by stepping up to be our team motivator and get everyone on task. On race day, Gabe led us to a powerful victory with his spot on helming and intensity. Sophie rocked the sailing drills during the sail practical especially the man over board drills. Meghan has been keeping us all happy with her caring and fun-loving attitude. As we near the end of our trip, we hope that our Bella Vita team will see each other again and remember the good times we had on the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea sailing the leeward islands. The entire staff want nothing more than to see each crew members smiling face back on the dock next summer and wish them all the best in the coming year.