Location: West End, Tortola

The past three weeks on Moko Jumbie have been nothing short of exceptional. We started this session with 12 advanced divers excited to learn, and we are finishing with 12 certified rescue divers. All three of us staff on board Moko Jumbie are so proud of every single one of our new rescue divers. Brooke and Gabbie conquered the trials of navigation dives like professionals while Luke and Cam learned and mastered the use of a lift bag with ease. Rowan and Jackson proved to be incredible during our out-of-water emergency exercises. Robert and Maddie were always the first in the water during the rescue training scenarios, and Eli and Keally were wizards at ascending with unresponsive divers. When it comes to Rescue CPR on the surface, Zach and Ava were always first on the scene, doing an incredible job. Every student onboard Moko Jumbie has grown so much during this short time, but we sincerely hope they all continue their diving and excel in all of their endeavors.