Location: West End, Tortola

So it has been nearly 21 days (30,240 minutes) of new experiences and new friends. We started in West End being strangers and trying to remember everyone’s name. Our boat had 4 Rescue students-Jamie, Yanni, Lindsey, and Mercy, who all became amazing rescue divers that can navigate anywhere underwater and use lift bags. They studied almost every night and practiced rescue skills every day. However, there was always time for some fun diving, waterskiing, and relaxing in the Caribbean. Our Neptunes, Richard, Kate, Aaron, Duncan, and Eli, all successfully became advanced divers with a handful of specialties. They all went from being good divers to being amazing divers! Every one of them can name numerous fish species, and if you ever need to long line a dinghy or raise the mainsail, they are the ones to call! The third group of students, Zac, Hailey, Christian, and Merlena, were the studious Dolphins. All of them worked so hard on researching parrotfish behavior. Their research was done by reading numerous marine biology books and by doing field research at many of our dive sites. They learned about underwater photography so they could include some amazing pictures in their work.

Over the past three weeks, we got to sail around the BVI’s. We saw Cooper Island, Jost van Dyke, Tortola, Salt Island, and Beef Island to name a few. No matter where we anchored they always seemed to be a sea turtle to greet us. And at these great locations came great dive sites; Alice in Wonderland and the Fearless. With all the diving we did I wouldn’t be surprised if some the shipmates started to develop gills! On a personal level, these past three weeks have been amazing for me as a staff member. I can’t honestly say anything bad about it. I got to live on board a huge catamaran with two other amazing staff member and 13 students who all made this a memorable trip. Each and every student brought a unique quality to the boat and by doing so allowed all of us to have some fun times! Baking cookies, fun dives, cooking meals, time ashore, learning new knots, sleeping under the stars, swimming with dolphins, sailing, winning a sand castle competition, belly flops off Blue Venture, and the list just goes on and on. I will miss each and every one of these students and I hope they leave the BVI full of smiles, laughter, and great memories. Thank you for reminding me why I love working for AQ! Keep on diving!